Judith de Bats

Judith de Bats

De kunstenares aan het woord: ‘My photos tell a story: a silent story and yet the journey has just begun.Photos, a journey in time, a thought between the rain drops, a memory, a smile a laugh. Capturing life and its wonderful moments… join me for a journey, in time, of time, in and around the world, because I just love life, photos and people’.

What is photography and why use it as art?
Everybody takes photos. Sometimes we want to capture a moment, a feeling, a phenomenon; anything worth saving. We utilize photos as art on a regular basis sometimes without even realizing it. We are out there living our lives in the moment, getting lost in the hustle and bustle of every day life, grinding out a living for ourselves, our families, our country, and whatever else. But then something catches us; it captures our attention because it is different, beautiful, or just weird. This is where we begin to use photos as a mode of transportation, as a conductor of feelings; as art.

How to use photos as art?
Those moments at work when you look out the window and catch the sunlight breaking through the branches of a tree, or somebody in a parking lot dancing with themselves because they think no one is looking. These are all moments worth capturing and sharing. Those love notes, scribbled yearnings, confessions of guilt; those are all opportunities to capture monumental moments in your history. Your photos as art can be a catalyst that encourages others to share their own lives and be unafraid of the consequences or reactions from others, but to embrace them. Our lives can be translated with images. Our visual experience as humans represents a huge portion of the way we interpret and remember things. When we see photos of war, famine, disease, and suffering, it unlocks a source of empathy that simple words might not have been able to. This is the lifeblood of how to use photos as art. Experimentation is a necessary tool for furthering the art world. Photos are no exception. With the advent of digital photography and photo editing software, experimentation with photos as art is at a new high, and it is accessible to almost anyone.

So what now?
Join me on a journey.. a journey of experimentation of wondering, of life …let’s start and enjoy what life gives us .. silent and yet moving. Photos, it is amazing. India, France, Italy, America, or just watching the silence that is life. Photo’s will tell the story, show the beauty and give the gift that is just silent and beautiful ‘.

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