Elies Auer

Elies Auer

Elies Auer (1952) is a Dutch painter. She has a MSc degree in building engineering and architecture from the Technical University in Delft, the Netherlands in 1976. She has developed her painting skills in courses for professional painters, including Chinese Painting (Medan, Indonesia), Aquarelle and Crayon (Jakarta, Indonesia), Experimental Painting (Beauregard, France), Models (Doorn, the Netherlands), Models and Themes (de Toets, Zeist, the Netherlands), Academy (de Werkschuit, Zeist, the Netherlands).

After many years in Africa and Asia, she is now living and working in Zeist (the Netherlands) and Ameno (Italy), having before also studios in Warsaw (Poland) and Lisbon (Portugal). Her paintings are included in private and corporate collections in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy and Poland.

Kunstwerken van deze kunstenaar:


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