Mariano Bottoli

Born in an art family (both his father and his grandfather worked as painters in churches and villas in Cremona and Veneto). He attended the School of Art “Beato Angelico” in Milan. He is professor in the Monza’s High School (liceo). Even from his first experiences he loves to work in front of the public, inspired by models of the most famous Italian tradition, realizing works of figurative arts.
From the end of ’70s he performs in street art. He won many awards in national and international competitions, in particular in the “Madonnari” art festivals.
His art is polyhydric: he paints on musical instruments, objects (such as skidlids, clothes, wine bottles, plectrums, wooden puzzles) and furniture’s, using them all as they were canvases. He organizes both small and huge allegories, inspired by late Renaissance style (called Manierismo) Special optical effects are made by Bottoli using the anamorphic technique: utilizing a cylinder where it’s possible to reflect correctly the distort painting he amuses the public.

Since he saw live the charming works of J. Bosch, they became a source of inspiration: so wonderfully rich of a variety of subjects and colors. He saw the seamless evolution between Caesarean art (Domus Aurea) and the art of Bosch looking at his “grotesques and grilli”, undeniable derivation of roman’s Villas decorations. He chose too emphasize the connection through new artworks.