Marc Zirpel

My career is about studio work, my life is organized around this effort: conceiving ideas, inventing methods, producing work and exhibiting the results. It is not a direct line, but rather an adventure in which one sets out with the final destination unknown. Success is dependent on focus, sustained effort and a critical sensibility. My artistic career, like most artist’s, is punctuated by doing many things to obtain the resources to allow the creative process time and space to unfold. A sustained commitment is at the heart of my studio practice. As my resume indicates, I’ve managed to keep at this for the last thirty years. I am committed to another thirty.

My approach to glass has been and exploration beyond the decorative and technical, an attempt to embed meaning into intent, effort and result. My studio activity is to a large degree driven by a curiosity about how the world works, often exploring a convergence between art and science. A quality of ‘inquiry’ lies at the heart of my methodology – questions give rise to answers that trigger questions, prompting a wide ranging exploration of material and process. The aim of this exploration is not to create an object made of glass but rather to embed idea into glass.