Anna Carlgren

Anna Carlgren exemplifies the trans-national in European glass art. She started with glass at the College in Orrefors and later continued her studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

Glass refracts light. We have known this since time immemorial. Cut and polished gems also have this property. In Sweden we generally associate cut crystal with large and heavy glass objects or with sparkling chandeliers. Anna Carlgren approaches cut and polished glass from a different dimension. Her bold experimentation, producing constellations of forms that are very carefully calculated, has revealed completely new aspects of the refractive capabilities of glass.

Anna Carlgren often takes cast blocks of glass as her point of departure but she also makes use of window glass which she cuts into pieces, grinds and polishes. Yet nothing of this laborious work is to be seen in the finished pieces which the light and its refractions bring strikingly to life.